Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today is all about doing.

I have a list and it is my goal to get EVERYTHING done by Dec 1. It is an ambitious goal but I want all shopping, wrapping and decorating done so we can just enjoy the month. I would love to spend the month doing holiday activities and spending time together.

I have made the executive decision NOT to send Christmas cards this year. Feels weird but I am sticking to it. First time in 27 years.

I am going to have to MOVE to get all this done. Wish me luck.

How are your plans coming? Are you doing anything different this year in order to simplify or cut expenses?


Shellmo said...

I like your idea of getting everything done by Dec. 1st! One thing I'm doing more of - buying online and having it shipped to the house. Don't want to fight the crowds at the stores this year.

Sarah Barker said...

WOW! No Christmas cards??? I have alot to do too:)Don't think the BF sales are THAT great though! The lss is having 40% off the entire store...I guess you'll find me there:)

Sara said...

This year, with things so tight, we decided NOT to give gifts. We are only buying for kids...of course we have a couple of birthdays in December as well, but I'm combining up my neice's birthday and Christmas and getting her one good gift...its tough all over...