Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If only...

it was always a 75% off world.

Yeah, I know the economic reasons that it can't be but still I can wish - right?
Stopped at Pier One today as Steff had heard about their 75% off Christmas clearance. I knew that I did not need any Cmas decor cos Joe could barely store all the stuff I acquired this season. He had to rebuild the attic floor and stack very creatively to get it all up there as it was. Sorry, honey!
But candles - now those are in high demand here in candles on the lanai heaven. It probably takes 20+ candles to light everything.
And then these cool wine glasses that do not say Christmas at all to me. It is a cool graphic design that I guess is supposed to be snowflakes? fireworks? Whatever - they are cool and now mine. Ready for wine on the candlelit lanai - seems to be a theme running thru this, huh?
Now, we just need friends to share the fun. The booking desk at Secret Lake is open for ressies - just call or email and we will get you signed up!

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