Monday, January 14, 2008


I greatly enjoy looking at blogs that show process. Whether it is pictures or videos of art projects, scrapbooking pages, cards or even recipes - I enjoy the visual instructions. There are always such treasures to be discovered. Sometimes it is a technique, a shortcut or a product but there is always something to make it juicy goodness. Set a video to a great song and I am in art inspiration heaven.

So here is today's art project - which is just a random exercise of creativity getting to use some of the new products that Joe gave me.

I started with a white piece of card stock about 3"x5" or so. I am recycling some stationary cards that I have.

This is after I watercolored a background, stamped a giant Fleur-de-lis and gel mediumed on a ripped page out of a book and added paint on top leaving the words "love", "friend" and "honour" visible - I like those words.

I played with these. Ooohhhh, ohhhhh, yummmmm. They are fabulous little sticks of adult fun. Water soluble wax pastels (from Dick Blick) - you can scribble color on like a crayon then blend it with a wet paintbrush.

This is what the box looks like in case you would like to look for some. Not cheap ($16.99)but oh, so much fun. I have the smallest set. They come MUCH bigger with a much bigger price tag.

Now I have added stamping and more wax pastels.

Dabbed white paint around the edge - made a gold edging with a Krylon paint pen and matted it on cardstock.

Blogs that show process that I admire:
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Have I mentioned how much I love creating?

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Bobbie said...

Ooooh very nice! I love the colors and am especially impressed by the border - it is so beautiful and well coordinated. Too fun!