Monday, December 17, 2007

Should I be ALARMED???

I was talking on the phone today with Angela when I suddenly smelled something burning. It was getting stronger by the second. I ran into the living area to discover it was filled with smoke. That is when I remembered the chicken on the stove that I had started for chicken noodle soup.

I ran through the house opening windows and doors trying to get the house aired out. That is when it hit me - house full of smoke SHOULD equal smoke alarms blasting! Hmmm. We clearly have an issue here. The smoke alarms are either poorly positioned and therefore worthless or not working. Not Good. Thank God I discovered this now when the situation was not a complete emergency!

Yikes. We are on this one.

And yes, my soup pot is completely ruined and the house still stinks! It is going to take several days of airing out to get rid of this stench. It doesn't help that it is freezin' cold here and open doors are not pleasant. Any other time it would have been fine. But the temps are on the rise tomorrow and we can do much more airing.

Close call.

BTW - last night I touched a camel for the first time. It was not at all what I expected. They are wooly like a sheep! Who knew??? I tried to take a pic but no flash allowed (it upsets them) and the shot was just a light brown blur - alas. Cross "touch camel" off my life list. Oh wait, that was "touch aging rocker with initials ST" that was on my list. My mistake!

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