Saturday, December 22, 2007

Just Lei Me Down

I get to cross Take Hawaiian Dance Class off my Life List.

Yes, I do. I also will see if I can still walk. The odds are stacked so far against me. Why did I wait till I was 50 and chunky to get my Hawaiian groove thing on?

Here is the story. I found a flyer at Publix - Free Hawaiian and Tahitian dance class. I told my niece, Chelsea, who said YES PLEASE. So we went. It was Chelsea (20), me (50) and about 8 dance students aged 6 - 13. So I was about 42 years older than the average age there.

The beautiful Hawaiian instructor assured us that we would be put into an adult class if we chose to continue. And then she taught us a beautiful dance. Well, let me clarify by saying that it was beautiful when she did it. I wish I could do it like she did because it was so graceful, fluid and sensual. But I can pick 2 things to do at the same time - TWO. So feet, hips and hands was asking too much of my body at this age and my brain in the evening. I am so not a night person.

My body was really wondering what the hell I was thinking. I was trying to move, count, sway, tap, and be graceful all at the same time. Yeah, that's happening. So I was only moderately successful. But what the heck - I DID IT!

For that - Shout Woo Hoo and pass the Ibuprofen please!!

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Bobbie said...

Nice! Way to go, hula mama!