Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ho ho CRAP!

So, today I was out shopping with my sister. It was 50% off coupon at AC Moore so I had to go since the coupon is my crack cocaine. While we were out, we decided to look for a few items that I wanted for Jarrett.

It was crazy out there. The stores are all picked over and narsty looking ( yes, narsty!). It is not even the weekend before Cmas when the panic stricken last minute shoppers are out with a vengeance. This is just early December shopping and already it is Not Pretty. I took a holy oath right then and there that I was going home and getting on Amazon.com (did you know that is just one letter away from being Amazin'.com?) and order what I need - get the free shipping and call it a day.

Whatever else I need is coming from Target. That's it, I am officially done with the stores. There is something for everybody at Target, the aisles are stocked and the employees are nice. As Santa is my witness - I am DONE with this crap.

And all the merriment of the season to you also.


Bobbie said...

hahaha - narsty... amazin.com... oh Sandi, I CANNOT WAIT to see you... and a whole week! How luxurious!

Target = the awesomest...

And as for the lip balm, you will have to judge for yourself! I personally like it better than Burts because on occasion the peppermint essence actually causes me some concern...

Sarah B said...


I thought I really missed shopping at AC Moore...sounds like I am not missing anything at all:) Thanks!

I am totally done with shopping except 1 couple and that will be a gift online too! Great feeling and no more crowds!!! Hope all is well! Have a great rest of the week!