Friday, December 21, 2007

Counting down...

Christmas is almost here. Are you ready?

I am ready. I need a few more groceries but everything else is done - yippee. We are not going to have Christmas cookies cos we snarked down all the ones we made last week and I have not replenished. I am OK with that.

I wanted to let you all know that Elizabeth brought all the cards with her that you sent so that I could see them. What a treat! I loved seeing the cards and telling Elizabeth who people were that I knew and how many that I did not know. So many UVA students courtesy of my sweet Bobbie. The cards, the family pictures (thanks Sarah!), the pictures of the Daisy troop (thanks Debra and Melissa), the notes and wishes (thanks Alleene - yours made me laugh!) all the homemade cards and art projects, the hysterical cards, the naughty cards, the sweet and tender cards. Each one wonderful. So cool. Many states and ages represented, all lovely. A treasure!!

There is a campaign on eBay about giving someone a gift that says "I GET you" rather than "getting a gift". There is an enormous difference. Don't you love it when you open a gift and you see someone has taken the time to "get you" and then shows you with the gift they give? It is really powerful. Thank you, Barbara. You SO get me.

Inspired by this and this - trying new stuff and liking it!

Happy last minute preparations!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I clickee clickeed thru some linkees and found my way here. I wanted to check out your self portrait, b/c like you, I too am totally inspired by Donna D. :)
I love your self portrait...mucho better than what I could do, for sure! Have a happy New Year!