Thursday, November 1, 2007

New eyes Part THREE

So here we go again. Got my glasses back with corrected prescription yesterday. I was nervous about how it would go this time. The Target Optical Department and I have been through the wringer thanks to the mistake made at the Filutowski Big Expensive Eye Center. I put the glasses on with crossed fingers and held breath.

This is just not going to go down easy. So far (Day One under my belt), it is going okay. I have to find the new areas in my progressive lenses (the politically correct term for TRIfocals) for each section - distance, near, and reading. They are not where my brain is expecting them to be. My brain is not at all amused. It truly wants to sit me down and have a long talk about silly Halloween pranks. Whaddaya mean that is not where the computer section of the glasses are? Where did it go?!! You know that we are not 23 years old anymore! Come on!

Me whining - "yeah but they are such CUTE glasses" does not seem to be helping.

So here is hoping that this will be the last post about my new glasses!

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

Um... loving the glasses! Silly brain... don't you know the value of cute?