Monday, October 22, 2007

You've got a PACKAGE!

Ooohhh baby! I opened the package from Amazon and had to touch it. How can you not love anything that is called Journal Revolution - Rise Up and Create?

I have been waiting for this and Ali's new book Life Artist to arrive. Ali is still on backorder.

You can't even imagine how much this makes me drool in excitement. Just imagine me saying, "I wanna do that!" on every page. Cos I did and I do. Love this.

And Ms. Rosie O'Donnell is in there with her unique art. Yes, I am holding the book open on the floor with my toes. Love her art too - so real and raw. She is not afraid to Go There.

So, I am jonesin' (that term is probably so passe to be antique - Bobbie - help me out here- what is the new term?) to get on this. drool drool drool

"Rise up and create." Can I get that on a t-shirt? Please?

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