Thursday, October 18, 2007

New day-

Jarrett has 2 days at school under his belt "Post-Event". They both went very well and life is returning to normal. Can you say WHEW! I can and have - repeatedly.

Stitches are out now. I opted to remove them myself. Did not want to go to ER and wait so I asked Jarr if he was up for me trying. Fiskars scissors and Mrs Grossman's tweezers and 3 minutes later and we were done. It was simple and painless. I watch Grey's Anatomy - I can do this! So easy.

Today was a great day of slow paced, relaxing shopping. I actually found a few Christmas goodies to put away. I did not go with any intentions, just an open mind. Love when that happens! All good.

I have my new glasses back. My brain is working overtime trying to adjust to this new prescription. This has not been easy. Why is everything harder the older you get? The good thing is that I totally love the way they look on me. It is all about the look, right? Who cares that I am yelling "MARCO" to my sister cos I can't actually SEE her. She yells "POLO" and I just head for her voice. Hoping that gets better too.

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