Friday, October 26, 2007

The Eyes have it...

The ongoing saga of the new glasses...
So, I tried and tried to get used to the new glasses but I could not SEE in them. I have been back to Target, where I have been so many times that the Optical lady, Lori, is talking about she and her husband Scott having dinner with Joe and I. And no, she doesn't scrapbook - CRAP!) Lori and I are like best friends now.
Finally, Lori said OK, go back to the eye doctor and have them check the RX. I did today. Sure enough, it was WRONG. I have been desperately trying to get used to glasses that would never work. Fun House Mirror wrong.
So, Target is now making my glasses for the THIRD time. Thank God for their 90 day warranty. This is not costing me a dime. If we did not already know that Target rocks, we would now! If I didn't spend a bazillion dollars a year in their store, I would feel bad about the trouble I have been with my glasses. I am even buying most of my groceries there now.
So, soon I am hoping that I get to actually wear the cute glasses pictured above and actually SEE out of them. Wouldn't that be peachy??

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