Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have curly hair. Every time I go to get my hair cut and it comes time to style it, the stylist always asks - "Don't you ever wear your hair curly?"
"Not usually - I like it straightened."
Then there is a silence where the message is clear - WHY??!!!
Cos I CAN. I like choices. I like to decide what I will do with what I have. I can have straight-(ish) hair or I can leave it curly. I am no longer limited by the state of things. I can change them. If nothing else - I am a Gemini - twins - I have different sides. I like to be able to choose on a daily basis what part of me I am going to embrace that day.
Yes, I am organized and a planner. My patterned paper is organized by manufacturer, my cardstock by color. In vertical storage holders - labeled. Yes, I can be goofy and spontaneous (I offer the below Steppenwolf post as evidence - case closed). I get to be whatever I want. And then change my mind. I like that.
How is that strange?

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