Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Adding beauty

These lanterns are from The Bombay Company. They have been sitting on our bedroom floor since we moved in - that was May - can you believe it has been that long that we have lived here? I have been waiting for Joe to hang them. They took extra chain, a ladder and an assistant (me). But they are finally up. They are on the lanai in the corner protected from the wind. They hold tea light candles. When they are lit, they are gorgeous. They are also beautiful when the sun is setting and is low enough to shine into them casting prisms over the lanai.

Isn't it amazing what a small change can do? I got these for $10 each. They are not expensive but they are worth so much more to me. They had such a profound effect on us. Joe and I sat in the dark with these lit and took time to reflect on how lucky we are to live in this house. This house has everything we wanted in it (well, still want a hot tub but let's not be greedy). We sat and talked about gratitude. That is something we do not do enough. Stop. Take time. Be grateful. Together.

It was $30 well spent.

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