Wednesday, September 12, 2007


There has been alot of talk, amongst we who went to Disney, about recovery. It is really a discussion about healthy balance. That is an issue with which I struggle. Healthy balance - it seems like there are so many factors that make it complicated. Or is it simple and I am missing the simplicity of it?
Here is what I know. We came home BEAT. All of us look back and think hmmm, what went wrong? We went with a plan of simplicity, flexibility and balance and yet we did not achieve it. Granted we were trying to achieve balance in the hardest "test track" (no EPCOT pun intended - and yes, we rode it - such fun) on earth but we are old pros at Disney. Maybe it is impossible to truly pace yourself at Disney where it is clear in your mind how much that day cost you. You feel compelled to "get your monies worth" and you push too hard, do too much and stay too long. And then you pay in other ways.
I am thinking that Disney may be a huge allegory for life.
Yes, I rode Soarin'. It was very cool. Got to go twice and really enjoyed it. Wish it had been longer cos it was a full sensory experience.
Is anybody besides me jealous when you read about the reports from The Creative Escape? I would love to go sometime. I wish Joan and I had been able to go together which was our plan. I wish the 600 spots had not sold out in three minutes. It sounds so inspiring and fun! I love the idea of the dessert first dinner they had! I gotta remember that for my next dinner party. Sometimes I forget to think outside the box and I love outside the box. I love surprises and details - which brings us right back to why I love Disney. Full circle.

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