Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Instructions needed...

First off, let me acknowledge that Dell stepped up to the plate and replaced the system board to our computer and we are back online. After much phone calling and trial and error, we all agreed that the computer was "busted". I feel so much better having a name for this illness that struck the core of our family: Computer Bustulation. sniff
And we have all been sick. Started out with Jarrett and then made its way thru the family missing only Lexi. It knocked the stuffing out of the parents and slowed the child. Not fun but we are in recovery mode - pass the tissues and the Vitamin C drops.
Now, the instructions needed are for a family sized ark. Know any websites with Ark Building for Dummies? It is Day Three of the Tropical Rains that threatened to float us away. The pool is less than an inch away from the lip and then we start hoping that the lanai drains work well. Of course they drain into the yard which is soaking, sloppy wet so it is any one's guess how this is all going to shake down. Is that 2 of each animal needed? How many crates of scrapbooking supplies do we get to take? YES, I need all that patterned paper and all those stamps.
And speaking of stamps - my crafty readers, please pay attention. You will want to get into your cars/mini vans and proceed immediately to Target. My Target has Rhonna Farrer Autumn Leaves acrylic stamp duos for $1.99! I nearly had an fit in the store when I happened to walk past a small display on the side end of the pen aisle (and not in the SB aisle - go figure!). To be specific, there are 2 large acrylic stamps or several small stamps in each duo and they are so great. I ended up with 4 which was after I put them ALL in my cart. I am on a scrapbooking budget now so I had to be more realistic. I could get all Jane Austin about this but I will leave it at I whittled the choices down to the four I Simply Could Not Leave. There were also ink pad duos and assorted acrylic blocks for the same price. And my Target has scrapbooking stuff in their dollar bins too. It was quite the scene.
Did you happen to catch Jenny McCarthy on Oprah talking about her new book chronicling her experience with her little boy who has autism? I admire Jenny so much for speaking with such candor and offering hope to all the families battling this near epidemic. And although I have seriously lost alot of my zest for Oprah (she annoys me on so many levels these days), she needs to be credited with the bravery to allow the vaccine - Autism link to be even spoken. It has been so hush hush on TV that this was a big step. So Kudos for that. And hugs for all families that are dealing with that challenge.
So, do your eyes need a rest? I know! I have been away for a while and even though I have mostly been in my robe with pockets stuffed full of tissues, I have had things I wanted to say.
If anybody sees the movie Across the Universe, I would love to hear what you think. Can't decide whether or not I want to see this.
For now - whew!
Sorry I have no paragraphs - can't get Blogger to cooperate with me.

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