Thursday, August 2, 2007

Squares and hats

Today I showed my sister how to make serendipidity squares ala Angela. Here is mine. I needed some outdoorsy, hiking like embellishments and since these are tons of fun to make...

And also an art journal page-

Sometimes you are faced with a decision where the answer is clear and you need to listen to the voice that is screaming in your head. And then say it - strongly and repeatedly, leaving no doubt. NO! Had that experience today. And I did. "NO!"

It was time to say no.

And speaking of no - or in this case, NoNo, Lexi! This is Lexi who ran under the bed to chew up a tissue as she loves to do, only this time I lifted up the bedskirt and caught her. Ha! Busted!

And this is my new hat. I usually look ridiculous in hats but this time it was OK. This hat was on the clearance rack for $2.50. I vote yes. I took this pic in the mirror with camera at waist level and it is not great, but hey - me in hat - don't completely hate it. Good enough.

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