Saturday, August 4, 2007


thank you sandi!

I wrote a comment on Tara Whitney's blog to let her know that she has profoundly changed the way I take photos. She has changed the way I look at things and people. I am now all about capturing the person and the mood. I take much better photos than I used to. I was always frustrated cos my "people pictures" just didn't do the moment justice. I am better - much better. There is still much to learn but for now I am basking in the success that I have.

Someone wise once said to me, "It is a process, Sandi, not an accomplishment." It was said gently and lovingly and I heard it. Heard it and took it in.

So, getting back the above acknowledgement from Tara brings it full circle. She gave, I took it and learned and then gave back to her gratitude. And she heard it and took it in.


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