Monday, June 11, 2007

Secrets of FL

Didja know it is hot here?

It is. Today is face melting, MAC smearing hot. We have been so lucky so far and it has been moderate. I guess the weather figures we have had our good luck and now it is time for more normal, searing heat. I broke out the sun visor in the van today and it helped while Jarrett and I were trying out the local Mexican restaurant. (Chips with 3 dipping sauces - yippee! Entrees all taste the same - boo. We miss Casa Maya!)

The termite inspector came today and overloaded me with FL pest control. Yeah, I lived here as a kid and we used our shoe as pest control. Now it is way more scientific and systematic - and expensive.

So, add that to the list of new things we have to learn. Right below sprinkler systems, St Augustine grass (which is alot like mowing bricks) and pool maintenance. There is a cost to this resort like living. Another secret to discover.

We have been busy lately hosting overnight guests, company picnics (why oh why isn't it in JANUARY?) and shopping for house stuff. Still trying to get all moved in. My scrapbook room taunts me. It is an enormous job - maybe I have TOO MUCH? And I live 15 minutes from AC Moore and Michaels's - ye gads. I need better self-control. That coupon thing is way too tempting. Yes, I am a sucker for the 40% off coupon.

Jarrett loves the pool on a several times daily basis. It seems to be true love and not a passing fancy. That is a good thing! I am still not venturing in cos the water is not warm enough. These newly hot days should change that fairly quickly.

We are busy and happy and learning a new way of life - secrets and all.

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