Friday, May 18, 2007

Boxed Chaos

The boxes are starting to pile up along the walls of the house. All of the art and pottery has been boxed up so the house is empty feeling. There is really no life left in this house. Kinda - well - ICKY!
Jarrett and I have now officially completed the hard part of the move. We survived being separated from Joe for about 7 weeks. We lived mostly alone (when Joe was not home for the weekend), finished homeschooling, sold the house and held down the VA fort. Joe has been busy holding down the FL fort and traveling back and forth - working lots of overtime to make up for all the time lost to travel.
Tomorrow Joe comes home and we leave in a few days as a family. We have much to do before we leave but we do it together. That will be manageable. And sleep... we all need sleep. What do you mean cranky?!
We have also started the part that totally sucks. We are saying goodbye to friends, favorite places and very special people. It is hard and painful. And sucks - did I mention SUCKS?

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